Real measurements. Real evidence.

What you measure and the numbers you need to understand depends on your workplace strategy and the decisions you need to take.

Why measure your workplace?

Do you need to reduce space and cut costs? Or make more space to accommodate new projects or teams? Perhaps you need to refurbish and create a more inspiring workplace that supports people to work better and more collaboratively? Is your lease due and you need to weigh up the options available? Or maybe you’re considering new flexible working approaches and need to understand the numbers to make it work.

Accurate data will provide real evidence to inform your decisions.


Clear floorplans and inventories to understand what you have and where it is.

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Workplace Occupancy

Measure and record how your space is actually being used.

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Work Activity

MyPlaceToWork gives understanding of the way people work and what changes would make a difference.

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Have all the right numbers to hand with a snapshot of your key headline facts and figures.

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Gain greater insight into your numbers by understanding how your data compares.

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Find out what people think of their workplace and how it supports them to do their job.

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How we work

Using a combination of our own systems, processes and techniques, we’ll work with you to understand the drivers for your workplace study. We’ll guide you on the measurements you need to inform your decisions, and develop your own made to measure report to share with the rest of your team.

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Knowing what you have, where it is and how it’s being used is essential information to anyone responsible for facilities management in an organisation.

We can create clear floorplans and inventories to support you in the general day to day operational running of a building, and also as a basic building block to inform any workplace change programmes.

A floorplan will help you visualise what you have in the space available. Desks and meeting rooms. The location of facilities and storage. An overview of the general office layout. The distribution of people and teams. For example.

An inventory will give you the numbers and insight you need to evaluate your options and make decisions. How much space do you have? How many desks and people are on each floor? How many storage cupboards?

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/Workplace Occupancy

On average a desk is used 45%-55% of the time. At peak this is 68%. With property costs at a premium, making better use of your space could create valuable cost savings and improve your working environment.

If desks are not well utilised do you need as many of them? Could employees share? If employees aren’t using their desks are they working elsewhere? Are meeting rooms being used properly? Should a change in the flexible working policy be considered?

An occupancy scan will gather the data and information needed to start to answer these questions and you can make your plans and base any decisions on real facts and figures. Occupancy scanning techniques include taking physical measurements and observations on the floors, installing and monitoring sensor technology and using our iBeacon app to log interaction points.

Using a combination of techniques we measure and record how your space is actually being used. By floor. By type of workstation. Or by department or team. For example. So you can analyse the information and explore how to create the ideal workplace.

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/Work Activity

The world of work and the way we work is constantly changing. An effective working environment connects and facilitates the activities and tasks people need to do to perform at work, with the way they work, the tools they need and the culture and goals of an organisation.

A good workplace strategy starts with understanding how people work in their organisation. Do they work on their own? Do people collaborate? Are there lots of large formal meetings or do a lot of meetings ‘just happen’ – in corridors, around desks, over a coffee?

Do some teams do the same activity all day, every day? What teams spend a lot of time out of the office, on the road? What technology do we need? Now, and in the future?

Through taking physical measurements about current workplace use and asking employees the right questions, we can help you gather the right information to give insight and inform your workplace strategy. Real information that will help you focus on what changes and improvements will make a difference.

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Measuring the workplace means gathering volumes of data. The real value comes from turning those numbers into meaningful metrics for analysis and comparison.

A dashboard simplifies the data and provides you with the headline facts and figures in one place. A snapshot of real time information. At-a-glance you can spot issues. Identify patterns of use or changes in behaviour. Monitor ratios for workstation use or compare actual meeting room use against scheduled. For example.

We create a personalised state-of-the-art dashboard for you so you can have the right numbers to hand. Simply by logging on to our online portal you can see the latest measurement information, spot trends or quickly see if there is a performance issue and act quickly.  

For clients that return to us time after time, as many do, this dashboard can also provide direct comparisons with previous results. Real intelligence, built up over time, to inform their decisions.

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How does your workplace performance and facility costs compare with others – within your organisation, or with other businesses of similar size? Or maturity? In other locations? Are you getting good value per m2 or per employee workstation in comparison? Should you be looking to reduce space or change the way you work to get better use of the space you have? What is ‘good’ meeting room utilisation?

Understanding how your data compares in the wider context helps you focus and give greater meaning and credibility to conversations with your leadership team, colleagues and industry peers. And an insight to gain competitive edge on costs, market share and even talent.

Measuremen take workplace measurements everyday, across the world. Our ever increasing database of real numbers means we’re building our knowledge and intelligence constantly.

And we’re able to share this knowledge with our clients through benchmarking. Helping them to understand their numbers and whether or not their costs and space utilisation are ‘good’ or if they should be expecting more out of their m2.

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What people say about their workplace and what they do in their workplace does not always match. Intelligence about your workplace performance comes from combining actual numbers with the richer, deeper information you gain from asking employees the right questions.

We have developed our MyPlace2Work survey through research with the Hanze University of Applied Science. It’s a powerful tool that’s been carefully constructed to really drive out the personal needs of employees and how the workplace supports these needs.  

Through an online questionnaire your employees are asked about their general likes and dislikes about the workplace. Does it function well? Is it bright? Hot/ cold? Cluttered? Clean? Secure? Do the facilities help people to do their job? Does the space support the culture and values of the organisation? What could be better?

The survey also explores about them, as individuals. Who is working in your organisation and the type of work they do? From basic demographic information such as age, education and lifestyle, understanding the job they do and how they like to work, to understanding their personality traits and how they are likely to behave at work.

It’s a well-rounded questionnaire to really understand how your current workplace is perceived by employees and what changes would make an impact to their working day.

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