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We have a genuine and proactive interest in understanding and improving your workplace environment. Many of us through independent study specialising in facilities or real estate management. It means we’re all keen to learn and continuously improve our knowledge of what makes a workplace great, and share our observations and thinking with each other.

Vincent le Noble

As a Global Ambassador for IFMA's workplace evolutionaries and active member of CoreNet Global, FMN and Australia's FMA, Vincent's focus is on improving workplaces worldwide. Scaling up Measuremen gives him the endless energy to keep running, growing and caring.

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Justin van Wel

Justin is one of the founders of Measuremen and as CFO, he controls the finances. He’s also responsible for all things human in the company. Making sure our people are enjoying their work, but are also happy with their work/life balance. Travelling around the world is one of Justin's hobbies and is fitting the global ambitions of Measuremen. He lives in Amsterdam, likes to go out for diner and keeps in shape through running, squash and fitness.

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Ian Foulds

Helping people understand the importance and growth of their workplace strategy. Maintaining a different but successful way of sales and client strategy, and writing a book about it. That is my role as Chief Commercial Officer. Bad jokes, always getting lost and my huge knowledge of topography are some of my better traits.

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Lyjo Franse

Lyjo is our Chief Operations Officer. He has been with us for nearly ten years. Challenged to continuously develop himself. Currently his experience is highly valuable to lead his team. Lyjo is a proud father and enjoys spending time with nice people, listening to some good live music and being outside in general doing fun stuff.

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Jordy Finkers

Jordy is in charge of international projects and is data-driven. He has a passion for rowing and loves all sorts of music.This vinyl junkie can make a mean burger while listening to his record collection.

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Leslie Maylath

Great brands make a difference. Let that be Leslie’s purpose as our chief communications and marketing. Having worked for some of the biggest brands in the business, he knows how to represent our values better than ever. In his spare time, Leslie likes to travel to exotic beaches to pursue his passion for surfing. He can also be spotted riding his bike through Amsterdam in search of the next big thing.

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Bram Aarntzen

Bram holds a BBA and MSc in Facilities Management at Diedenoort Academy and the University of Greenwich. He is passionate about real estate, workplace strategies and technology. Bram actively participates in CoreNet’s Global Young Leaders program and in multiple Facilities Management committees in the Netherlands. His slogan for the global team is ‘Hope is not a strategy.’ In his spare time, Bram likes to play music with his band and enjoys specialist beers with his friends. He lives with his wife and his dog in one of the Netherland’s oldest cities.

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Lisa Hut

Throw her to the wolves and she will return leading the pack’. There is probably no challenge too big for Lisa. She joined us in Amsterdam in 2013 and after three years, she is now representing our office in Sydney. Lisa is very inquisitive and won't stop asking questions until she understands the full story. Outside of work she likes photography, movies, keeping fit and of course the Sydney beaches.

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Jolijn de Wijs

After graduation, I decided to explore the world and experience different cultures. I learned that I’m a very service-minded person and like to help people. Once back in the Netherlands, I was happy to find the perfect position for me, Management Assistent at Measuremen, in which I take care of the office and make everyone feel at home. In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, going out for dinner and spending time with friends and family. During the weekend you’ll probably find me at the Albert Cuyp market in Amsterdam, where the best local food can be found.

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Pim Geurtsen

Pim is our Project Coordinator. In his spare time he likes sport - football, kickboxing, running, tennis - whatever makes him feel fit. He supports Utrecht and tries to watch them play live when he can. He’s lived in Amsterdam for 1.5 years and he likes the city so much he’s looking to buy his own house. In the summer you’ll find Pim at festivals or at the coast on a surfboard.

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Mariska van Nieuwkoop

After working for the Dutch team, Mariska has switched teams and is now responsible for the Operational team in the UK. Mariska likes to be challenged and is passionate to build a successful team in the UK that serves the client the best way they can! Her motto: “Believe in yourself and the world will be at your feet.” In her spare time you can find her in the gym, with friends or at the beach. And of course exploring all the good things London has to offer.

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Lisanne Bakker

Lisanne finished her Facilities Management studies in 2014. As our Project Coordinator she is responsible for the preparation and execution of projects. Customer satisfaction is very important to her and no challenge is too big for Lisanne. In her spare time Lisanne likes fitness and running. Besides her sports she likes to go out with her friends, watch movies and going to festivals in the summer.

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Sascha Strankinga

After studying Facilities Management and travelling the world, Sascha recently joined the team. She is discovering the endless possibilities regarding measuring and collecting data. She is a busy bee and loves exploring Amsterdam’s shops, restaurants and clubs. Fencing was one of her passions but has now traded this in for a new challenge - going to the gym.

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Mike Kaandorp

As a Project Manager, Mike is responsible for all our VSR and NEN2075 scans and inspects how clients can improve their facilities. Mike is interested in all the information the measurements provide and loves to see a positive outcome from the scans. Mike feels privileged to see so many companies from the inside and experience the different kinds of company cultures. Outside of work, Mike is a big fan of cars and all things on wheels. He loves to watch football, especially when Barcelona are playing, and he enjoys cooking - particularly baking cheesecakes!

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Rhea Ranzijn

Working for a young and ambitious company is a great opportunity to develop myself and contribute to the growth of the company. I have a fun job within the VSR/NEN2075 team, in which I help to inspect and improve the work environment of a large variety of companies. After work, I’m busy studying for my bachelor course in Facility Management. The rest of my spare time is reserved for fine dining and a party every now and then. I also love to travel with my boyfriend and explore everything the Netherlands and Europe has to offer.

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Johan Zuurmond

Johan is the tallest man at Measuremen! He started as one of our Scantalents and is now Junior Operations in the office. Johan is also a part-time student studying Facilities Management at The Hague University. In his free time you can find him everywhere from the beach of Scheveningen to the Amsterdam Arena.

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Sigourney Nederveen

Sigourney received her BBA in Facilities Management in 2015. She is a project coordinator and makes sure that our Measuremen are where they are supposed to be. Going out for dinner, going on new adventures and cuddling with her nine cats are her favourite things to do.

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Anniek van Beek

After finishing her studies in Facility Management and traveling twice for several months, Anniek joined us. She always wants to keep learning and trying new things, and wears her heart on her sleeve. In her spare time, Anniek likes to hang out with friends, shopping, swimming, baking cakes and other treats. Her secret addiction is solving Japanese nonogram puzzles.

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Lex Janssen

"Do what you really want and you’ll never have to work." With a background in real estate, Lex has a passion for space management and innovation. As a Sr. Sales Executive at Measuremen, he channels his passion to improve workplaces. In his spare time, Lex likes running. He can also be found at concerts and festivals and he goes on a city trip regularly.

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Thijs Dams

Working at Measuremen is a chance to be at the beginning of something big. It’s really cool to experience company growth from first hand and to actually contribute to it as well. Next to that, the company culture is a perfect fit where football, good food and drinks are the basis of a fun working environment. My personal goal at Measuremen? To conquer the world with Measuremen!

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Wessel Schilp

Wessel Schilp is a Facilities Management student at The University of Applied Science. He is an intern with us and was previously one of our Scantalents measuring workplaces out on site. In his own time Wessel is active in sports and plays football and tennis. He also enjoys going to festivals and spending time with his friends.

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Tom Suddaby

Tom joined the team in the Netherlands but moved to England once the company expanded, taking advantage of his half English/Dutch heritage. Now he coordinates the projects in the UK as well as his own kitchen where he spends much of his free time. He likes to read, write and crunch numbers- and is generally very accurate with them, although this is not always the case as he prefers to (intuitively) mess around in the kitchen rather than following recipes. Being inquisitive and eager to learn made him travel to explore other cultures as well as taking up the challenge for Measuremen in new territory.

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Nicolas Chapelle

Graduated with a Bachelor in Law and a Masters in Facilities Management, Nicolas always puts his business sense and competitiveness first. For him, Facilities Management is responsible for the progress of any company that wishes to implement a sustainable future. It is therefore natural that he contributes to the business development of Measuremen in Belgium, France and Luxembourg. If you have any questions or need further information, please feel free to contact me.

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Pascaline Defurnaux

Pascaline is in charge of operations at Measuremen in Brussels. She would like to improve herself in project management. She really likes to spend time with her friends to chill and also likes listening to music. Pascaline would like to travel the world and discover other cultures.

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Roderick Vélings

After a bachelor degree in real estate, Roderick is now doing a Master in Facility Management and is a trainee with us. He is a high-spirited person with a cheerful nature who always pursues improvement and he wishes to develop his skills in projects management and leadership. Sportive, curious and creative, he is also a singer and loves to read in his free-time.

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