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In a constantly evolving world, new technology offers a variety of solutions to keep your organization and its employees ahead of the game.

The Innovation Lab by Measuremen searches continuously for the most promising developments in workplace technology and makes it tangible in a central inspiring location.

So many developments and new ideas we'd like to share with you. Visit the Innovation Lab and let yourself be inspired by the newest workplace intelligence technologies!

/Idea generation and selection

There is a lot to comprehend when it comes to new technology and the workplace. Therefore, it may be wise to get good advice as a starting point.

The Innovation Lab provides a stage for the latest products and services in the industry such as new apps, desk sensors, card beacons, smart cameras and more. Experience state-of-the-art technology and learn which dashboards can generate the ultimate set of workplace KPIs for your organization. Not to be missed!

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The Innovation Lab is a unique open innovation formula that continuously strives for the most valuable solutions. Get inspired and discover the latest technologies together with a solid advice on what would work specifically for your organisation. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

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