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We measure how a workplace is actually used.
Real data that will help you make informed decisions
about your workplace strategy and working environment.

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Find out why it’s important to understand your workspace and how it can make a difference in the performance, culture and costs of your business.


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Through our specialist tools, surveys and applications we measure the physical workspace and how people behave in the workplace. The desks. The storage. The facilities. What people like and don’t like. What you have, what is used, how, when and why. Our accurate data will provide sound evidence to support your proposals and decisions.

Let the numbers tell the story

300+ workplaces / 15 million registrations / 300,000 workstations

Workplace strategy and providing a great working environment is increasingly on the leadership agenda. Facilities and real estate professionals have a central role to play in making sure the workplace is fit for purpose and that decisions are made based on accurate information.

Measuremen gathers and provides the knowledge and insights to inform and support your workplace strategy.

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/Work Activity

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On average we use a workstation for 10,4% to read, write or think


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